How I Edit Moody Look Photo in Adobe Lightroom Mobile

In this rainy season, I sometimes hard to find a place where it would be good when it is cloudy. Looking for a sunset or sunrise could be that difficult. We have to turn our mind in order to enjoy the gray skies. The example is to take advantage of fog or atmosphere when the sun is shy to shines. Apparently, hunt photos with fog as the object or even decoration makes different kind of mood and point of view, sometimes our photos look more dramatic because of the fog that decorate our photo.

In this day, editing is just a normal activity in photography. Everyone wants to make their photo looks more beautiful. It’s like a tea without sugar, I believe that it can be nice taste as well but it feels plain at the same time. Either basic edit or advanced. In my opinion, editing a photo is depends in our own taste. You can make your photo colored pastel like Wahyu Mahendra, looks bright like Kadek Arini or Her Journeys a.k.a Anggey, or make the photo looks dark. A lot of people called it as moody or folk photo.

Well, let’s get into the topic.

All you need is smartphone, Adobe Lightroom mobile application, and of course a will. Because work without a will is just useless. And the most important is your raw photo. There’s no specific photo that you can edit, but if you can capture photo with nice angle, light, and object, you can edit it way easier.

The photo above is my raw photo. I guess, the color, angle and light is quite nice. The waterfall make the composition looks more interesting.

First, open Adobe Lightroom mobile application. You can download it from appstore and playstore for free! I am editing with iOS. You know, the color you’d get when you edit with iOS and android would be different. Sometimes, Android looks too vibrant for color display and iOS display has the closest one to the real color. But, if you have the newest android device, that’s not a big deal.  

Import photo to the app. Open the photo until it shows you light, color, effects (and something like that) menu.


The first step is you have to adjust the exposure, contrast, and all in basic menu until the light is nice, depends on your taste. Every photo has different character.

Next step is adjust the curves!

Adjust the curves until your photo looks soft. You can copy my curve settings, sometime it’s gonna works well in any kind of photo! Especially in dark condition.

Everything is good? Well, let’s continue to COLOR menu.

Adjust the white balance by sliding up or down the temperature and tint. If your photo looks too warm, just decrease the temperature. If your photo looks cold, then increase the temperature. The characteristic of moody photo is look desatured, so you can drop down the saturation and a bit vibrance. Then continue to MIX tool, which is still inside COLOR menu. This is my favorite! Because we can adjust every single color depends on our taste. There are 8 colors you can adjust contain Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. Just play your taste so you can make better color, it’s gonna be fun! Or, you can see my color settings below.

I adjusted 6 colors on MIX tool, it means 2 other is neutral (0 position). 


Adjust the clarity but don’t too much, it can increase the detail if you raise it up. Drop down vignette until the corner looks darker. It can makes your photo more dramatic! You can adjust the split tone as well in case you need it. But, I don’t used it as the color in my photo is good. If you are curious with this tool, just try to make the shadow looks a bit bluish. It makes you like a pro film color grader! Hahaha kidding. But, seriously it can makes the color so interesting.


Raise up a bit sharpening.

And this is the result!

This is good enough I guess. And the last step is save your photo to camera roll, make sure you export it to maximum image quality!

That’s all!

This tutorial wouldn’t be applicable to all photos, even my other photo as well. Every photo has different exposure and color, which means has different treatment. By following this tutorial doesn’t mean you will get the same tone color with mine. That’s why you need to train your taste and feeling to make an amazing photo. Because practice makes perfect, right?

Should I make the second tutorial based on all photos that I uploaded on my Instagram account? Just comment below or reach me on Instagram's Direct Message.

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2 Responses to "How I Edit Moody Look Photo in Adobe Lightroom Mobile"

  1. Super love this tone! And yeah I agree with you that this tutorial perhaps isn't applicable for all photos due to the difference of brightness, exposure, color, and so on. All we have to do is just to practice, practice, and practice until we get the tone or mood that we love. I really wanna improve my photo editing skills in Lightroom. So, more tutorials if you don't mind, pleaseeee :D

    1. Yeah, practicing our taste on editing skill is the most important. Because sometimes preset can't fully handled it, that's why mostly I need any adjustment after apply my own preset.
      Yes, I will make the other one! Thank you for reading my articles, hope you love it!


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